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Cosmopolit language services agency

 Document translation services, localization of imported products and business correspondence are considered to be the primary targets for professional interpreters. Cosmopolit Language Centre includes a language services agency which delivers written translation and oral interpretation from any languages. Cosmopolit language services agency provides a fast, high-quality, confidential translation service.

We deliver the following services:

o Website translation into any foreign languages

o Technical translation
o Translation of economic and juridical texts
o Translation of personal and business correspondence
o Translation of advertising copies
o Literary translation
o Translation of articles on various subjects

o Translation of legal documents such as agreements, contracts, etc.

Our team will help you not only to translate and prepare your text in a foreign language, but also to learn the target language. The staff of Cosmopolit language services agency consists of skilled specialists in such languages as English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Turkish and Arabic. Orders can be taken both in hard and soft copy. Your translation will be made at your convenience. 

Price list Translation of Personal and Official Documents

Type of document



in 24 hours, rub.



in 1-2 working days, rub.

Passport 500 350
Birth Certificate; Death Certificate; Marriage Certificate, etc. 700 500
Diploma (without Appendix) 1100 900
Appendix to Diploma 1500 1300
Certificate of Secondary Education 900 700
Driving License 700 500
Certificate of previous convictions 900 700
Employment Record (Workbook) 1500 1300
Parental Consent 900 700
Seal or Stamp of the Document 250 100
Other documents 600 400

Extra Services

Certified Translation (Certification of authenticity of the translator’s signature) 500 per 1 document
Copy of pages 50 per 1 page
Certification by translator’s stamp 150 per 1 document
Courier services in Chelyabinsk 300

Translation of texts

Prices apply to one standard page of translation (1800 characters including spaces).
Target language

From the foreign language

into the Russian language* (rub.)

From the Russian language

into the foreign language* (rub.)

English 350 rub. 400 rub.
German 400 rub. 450 rub.
French 400 rub. 450 rub.
Italian 400 rub. 450 rub.
Spanish 400 rub. 450 rub.
Chinese 700 rub. 800 rub.
Japanese 700 rub. 800 rub.
Arabic 700 rub. 800 rub.
Translation from audio/video 650-1200 rub. 700-1500 rub.

Extra Charges

Urgent translation (more than 10 standard pages of translation per 1 working day) +30%
Very urgent translation (more than 28 standard pages of translation per 1 working day) +100%
Translation of printed documents (without the electronic version) +10%
Translation of handwriting +20%

*For more information, please contact us or make a call on Skype: cosmopolit74.


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