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Russian as a Foreign Language


Russian as a Foreign Language is one of the most detail-oriented educational programmes of Cosmopolit Language Centre. More than 260 million people all over the world speak the Russian language; 110 million of them are native speakers. Russian is the most useful language in the world after English, Chinese and Spanish.

It is common knowledge that in the Russian Federation there is no comfortable language environment for foreigners to live, work and relax. One can not find direction signs translated into English, meet English-speaking shop-assistants or order food in English in the most of Russian restaurants. So, basic knowledge of the Russian language is an essential part of contemporary world.

Educational programme of Russian as a Foreign Language includes description of Russian vocabulary, grammar, syntax and phonetics adjusted to the native language of the student. You are able to find out more about Russian culture or history and discover the way of life and principles of Russians, if desired. This programme is both for children and adults.

1 lesson is 450 rub.

Educational programme Russian as a Foreign Language

Participants of this educational programme use the study materials published by the best companies. Taking into account all the requests of the group, our teachers select suitable materials which include not only books but also tests, quizzes, drills, audios, videos, etc.

Below you can find the subject matter of this educational programme. According to your prior knowledge and work intensity, It will take you from 2,5 to 4 months to master the subject. After the end of the course, you are able to get a personal certificate.

Russian as a Foreign Language in 21 lessons

1. Greetings. The Russian alphabet. Questions: What is it? Vocabulary: Directions.

2. Questions: Who is this? What is your name? Grammar: Personal Pronouns. Vocabulary: Describing a person.
3. Questions: Where …? How much/many …? Grammar: Cardinal numbers. Vocabulary: City.
4. Questions: When …? Have you got …? Vocabulary: Family.
5. Questions: How old are you? Grammar: Possessive Pronouns.  Gender of Nouns. Vocabulary: Adverbs of Time.
6. Grammar: Plurals. Vocabulary: Flat. Weather.
7. Questions: What? Grammar: Gender of Adjectives. Vocabulary: The Days of the Week.
8. Questions: What do you like? Grammar: First Conjugation Verbs.
9. Questions: What do you want? What can you do? Grammar: Second Conjugation Verbs.
10. Grammar: The Accusative Case. Past Tense. Vocabulary: Shop.
11. Grammar: The Prepositional Case. 
12. Questions: Where …? Wherefrom …? Grammar: The Genitive Case. Vocabulary: Verbs of motion.
13. Grammar: Verbs of Motion. Vocabulary: I must ….
14. Grammar: The Instrumental Case. Ordinal Numbers. Vocabulary: The Months of the Year. Food.
15. Questions: Which day …? How? What …? Vocabulary: At the Restaurant.
16. Tests. Grammar: The Dative Case. Vocabulary: Clothes.
17. Grammar: Aspects of verbs. Vocabulary: On the Phone.
18. Questions: What is the trouble? Vocabulary: Body
19. Grammar: Verbs of Motion. Complex Sentence With Attributive Clauses
20. Grammar: Verbs of Motion. Comparative Adjectives. Vocabulary: Russian Proverbs.
21. Grammar: Cases of Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns. The Imperative Mood.

*For more information, please contact us or make a call on Skype: cosmopolit74.


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