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Cosmopolit Language Centre is a non-government educational institution of further education. Working since 2009, we have approved ourselves as skilled specialists. Completing your challenges is our primary target.

Foreign languages courses represent the main area of our work. We also deliver language trainings and workshops from time to time. Cosmopolit Language Centre also includes a language services agency and a travel agency. 

Lessons are conducted not only by Russian teachers but also by native speakers. Here you can find different language combinations of object languages and mediums of their instruction. For example, one can learn Japanese in English, Russian in Chinese, English in German, etc. 

We do our best for your enjoyable learning foreign languages. All the teaching staff are required to have two university degrees in Pedagogy, Linguistics or Translation and Interpreting. Moreover, all of them have international certificates which verify their language proficiency. We work out an individual educational programme for each student in accordance with his/her age, range of interests, occupation and purpose of training. After the end of the course, you are able to get a personal certificate.

Our course programme includes individual and group classes for kids, teenagers, adults and retirees. We also provide corporate training in the groups of 5 – 10 students.

What is more, we have a suite of services for those who intend to study abroad, immigrate, and go to business or holiday trips regularly. So, here we translate and notarize documentation, apostille, select and buy plain or train tickets, book hotels, pay for rented accommodation all over the world, arrange visas or health insurance. Basically, we will help to organize your trip on turnkey basis.

For all these services you can play by cash or by credit card. You are also able to make payments through Electronic Fund Transfer, WesternUnion and PayPal.


Here you can learn the following languages :


For more information, please contact us.

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